Matthew Lobene

Oil & Gas Professional

About Matthew Lobene

Matthew Lobene is the Head of Business Development and Investor Relations for D&L Oil & Gas located in El Dorado, Arkansas. Matthew initially worked for financial institutions both in New York City and Rochester, New York before going on to become the fastest rising sales associate at Paychex.

Matthew began developing his acumen for business development at his family’s construction business in upstate New York. Matthew attended SUNY Geneseo and focused his studies in Business Administration and Accounting.

Prior to beginning his tenure with D&L Oil & Gas, Matthew had an interesting journey that he was traveling on. After leaving his job at the age of 25, Matthew decided to open his own trading company selling commodities. During this time, Matthew began working as a consultant for an oil and gas company.

Matthew Lobene has over 15 years of experience as a fund-raiser for real estate developers and has been involved in manufacturing various types of business and consumer products both in the United States and overseas. As a result of his extensive work, Matthew met Darrell Madding and the two men began collaboration on D&L Oil & Gas, LLC, where Matthew now focuses all of his efforts.

D&L Oil & Gas, LLC is a small niche company that has developed an eco-friendly pump that is taking over a market that the bigger oil companies don’t invest in as they don’t particularly view this market as profitable for them. D&L Oil & Gas, however, is able to tap into this market and has found the opportunity within said market.

Matthew Lobene believes that D&L Oil & Gas have set themselves up in the position to grow as the United States continues to become a leader within the fossil fuels industry. With their new pump technology and the ability to undercut the cost of the market, Matthew believes that D&L Oil & Gas can become an industry leader over the next five years and become a major oil company with 1500+ barrels a day of crude production.

Matthew and his companion have one child and love to travel, hike, and help anyone they are able to help. They also enjoy taking family vacations.

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