D&L Oil and Gas LLC., is an innovative oil technology company based out of El Dorado, Arkansas. The company was founded in 2011, but the experience of the management in all aspects of oil and gas production and distribution spans over 50 years. Currently, D&L is headed by Darrell Madding and myself and looks to become one of the top oil providers in the US market as the company expands.


The company uses patent-pending technologies to extract crude oil from shallow oil wells all while being extremely cost-effective. D&L is on track to majorly expand in the next five years to nearly 10,000 shallow wells. However, the success of the company isn’t based solely off of their ability to conform to standards of the oil industry, but rather by their exceptional innovative technologies that respond to greater issues.


While D&L Oil has remained relevant and strong throughout the years, it is not for lack of constant innovation. The struggles faced by oil and gas companies today is caused by changing political and physical/geographical environments, in addition to supply and demand climates and economic needs. While these dangers aren’t immediate, they do pose a problem to the future of the oil industry.


Within this ever-changing industry where the environment’s stability is constantly questioned, companies must remain innovative and search for solutions. This past year, D&L Oil Tools released its newest, and most innovative pump yet: the Eco-Friendly Pneumatic pump.


The pump’s technology is more resourceful than other pumps because it is activated only when it senses oil. Saving energy and other monetary resources, the pump is not only a more conservative pump, but it also can run off of renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind energies, or electrical power depending on the location.


As a result of the new technology and the cost efficiency, D&L has acquired over 1100 mineral rights and leases throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. The company is projected to grow exponentially as a result of their new technology pump, expanding into new areas of the US and Canada. D&L is currently valued at $21 million and should see this number grow substantially once their new technologies are installed.