There is new tech emerging in every industry but one that really needed it was the Oil & Gas Industry. This industry is essential for the everyday workings of every American’s life, yet for so long it was stuck in the past and an archaic way of achieving its fundamental goals. One of the missions of D&L Oil and Gas was to create a better way to drill for oil and we feel that we have achieved us. Which brings us to our list of emerging technologies in this industry.


The Eco-Pneumatic Pump

I serve as the Director of Business Development for D&L Oil & Gas, which makes me quite proud to be able to feature our product on this list. I have a whole article dedicated to this pump but here is a brief summary. The Eco-Pneumatic Pump, designed by us at D&L, is a solution to a rampant problem in wells across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Older wells, that are not producing what they need to and are costing the owners way too much money. The Eco-Pneumatic pump is a low-cost solution to utilize these otherwise underperforming wells.



The use of robots is becoming more and more prevalent in every industry and the oil and gas industry is no exception. A company in Germany and Austria have worked in collaboration on an offshore robot, that even won a Autonomous Robots for Gas and Oil Sites competition! This robot is poised to usher in a new era of safety, cost reduction, and more on oil and gas sites. By completing tasks like reporting and reading information, this type of robot has a lot of potential for increasing the revenue margins of major oil and gas companies by cutting down the need for the human touch on site.



Even the clothing that we wear while doing our jobs can be considered technology. Especially the clothing that was introduced by Iron Ocean. The fabric is called Centurion 3 and it is designed to keep those on oil rigs on the open waters safe if they were to fall into the ocean. The fabric is designed to heat up when it hits the cold water and can increase someone’s life expectancy after falling by ten minutes. Ten minutes is an eternity in that situation – so this type of technology can really help.


These are just a few of the technologies that have been introduced to help and usher in a new era within the oil and gas industry. I am excited to see further technology, and further innovation in this field and whatever comes next, I am sure it is going to major.